Your Aged Care Compass Podcast

Everything you wanted to know about Australia's aged care system and more.

Why a podcast about Australia's aged care system? Because you asked for it.

But we're not just talking about our aged care system. We're talking about so many topics related to ageing. And we're talking to real people who'll be discussing their experiences, as well as industry leaders who are making a difference within the sector. 

New episodes are released every Tuesday morning.

Join us, Coral and Michelle, for meaningful  conversations that cover everything you wanted to know about ageing in Australia.

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Granny Flat Arrangements | Episode 12
Package management options | Episode 11
Dementia and cognition supplement funding | Episode 10
A reablement approach to living well at home | Episode 9
How to prepare for assessments | Episode 8
Home care packages | Episode 7

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So excited to see this podcast has dropped from Coral Wilkinson and her sister Michelle.

Readers of Coral's excellent book "My Parents Are Ageing, What The Heck Do I Do? will already know Coral's knowledge and experience in this area.

This range of topics works so well as a podcast series. Coral and Michelle combine their expertise and their experiences with their own aging parents to make sense of this challenging area.

Highly recommended!

Truly, these sessions are beyond expectation. So informative, so clearly explained and such a gift for all who have an aging loved one.

So highly recommended!

Can't thank you enough for your excellent book and podcasts. This podcast has been particularly helpful having given us the knowledge about how to move forward when not getting the services following a RAS assessment.

Many thanks.