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Hello, I'm Coral

Registered Nurse, advocate, author and speaker.

Stop spending hours trying to understand My Aged Care, wondering how to get the right support for older loved ones living at home.

There's so much information out there, but knowing what to say and do to get that support is the challenge.

As former assessors with Aged Care Assessment Teams, we get great outcomes for our clients because we know the system inside out. Talk to us, we'll make it clearer and easier to get the support your older loved one is entitled to.


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Let's Talk Consultation

A one hour phone or Zoom call to answer any questions you have relating to your eligibility, ACAT assessment, approvals, provider, care plan, or any other queries.

You get to pick the brains of our exceptionally knowledgeable team.


Aged Care Compass

Our complete and most popular service where we do everything for you.

We get you into and through the aged care system in a timely manner, placing you in the strongest position to get the right outcomes.


Dementia Supplement

The dementia and cognition supplement is an extra allocation of funding on top of a home care package.

Our Registered Nurses complete the screening for eligibility and our fee is deductible from your home care package.

Wondering how to support your loved ones at home?

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Where to start?

How to start?

Am I eligible for support?

What is My Aged Care?

This essential guide to Australia's aged care system is available now!


An Invaluable Guide

"Packed full of helpful real-life examples, My Parents Are Ageing, What The Heck Do I Do? provides comprehensive advice, written in plain English, about how best to navigate the complex aged-care system."

Dr Kailas Roberts, Brisbane.

Psychiatrist, Dementia Expert and author of Mind Your Brain.

We've walked in your shoes

We know the frustration experienced when trying to access support for older loved ones at home. We support our own ageing loved ones too. We treat our clients like family.

We assess people across Australia

We believe no older person should be disadvantaged by their postcode, so we use a telehealth model and provide video assessments anywhere in Australia.

We're Registered Nurses

We're former ACAT assessors and our knowledge and experience within the aged care system is second to none. We advocate for you to get the right approvals.

Our detailed reports get results

our reports are detailed and complete leaving no uncertainty about how our clients demonstrate eligibility for the full range of subsidised support.

Our most popular blogs are essential reading to get you on the right path.

November 28, 2023

What Is My Aged Care?

December 14, 2020

What Is A Home Care Package?

Free Resources

Download them. Show your Family. Keep them for further reference

Road Map

Our Road Map outlines what you need to consider before contacting My Aged Care.

It's essential you're prepared before you make the initial contact.

Get an Aged Care Roadmap

Care Needs Checklist

Our care needs checklist will help you work out how much support you're providing an older loved one and demonstrate the support they're are requiring to stay at home.

Get a Care Needs Checklist

Your Frequently Asked Questions answered Here

What do you do?

We support people to enter and move through the aged care system in a timely and stress free manner.

We assess, report and refer to My Aged Care. We then prepare you for your ACAT assessment.

Our assessments are up to 8 pages long and are compelling and detailed, ensuring you are placed in the strongest position for approvals for the full range of aged care programs.

As former ACAT assessors we speak the language of the system, which allows us to get great outcomes for our clients.

How can your service help me?

Being approved for, assigned and then receiving services can be hit and miss within the aged care system.

It also takes time! Many months or years. We cut through the barriers because we know how the system works.

Our clients consistently receive assessments, approvals and service provision within 3 months of us making the referral to My Aged Care for them.

What areas do you cover?

Our service is Australia wide!

We use a telehealth model, so we can assess people no matter where they live in Australia.

We have clients in rural and regional Australia as well as in the major cities.

As long as you can connect to the internet, we can assess you wherever you may be.

What value do I get from your service?

We unashamedly say we are industry leaders in aged care navigation because the feedback from our satisfied clients consistently tells us so.

We remove the distress, frustration and overwhelm you've heard about or are  experiencing. We get you on the right path, right away.

With our support you'll gain clarity, confidence and control. We're passionate about empowering people using the aged care system.

What if my older loved one can't manage zoom?

We realise not all people know what a telehealth consultation or a video call is, or feel confident using this kind of software.

We have many trusted partners across the country and we'll find someone we trust to help you to set up the video call and support you during the consultation if you wish.

Is the cost of your service worth it?

We're not free.

We don't get any government subsidy and we can't be claimed on your private health insurance.

But what it costs to engage us is a fraction of what you'll receive in approved government subsidised support.

For a level 4 home care package approval, our total cost is about 5% of the first year's funding.


What our clients say about us

“Our experience with Coral and her See Me Aged Care Navigators was nothing short of wonderful.

The minefield of red tape and difficult understanding of paperwork was made that much easier with her knowledge and kind guidance. Without a doubt a five star service."

Glenice, Brisbane

“See Me Aged Care Navigators were highly recommended to me, and contacting Coral was the best move I have ever made.

Their commitment to the individual is amazing, they really care about people!"

Vivienne, Townsville

“I had the pleasure of meeting Coral last year when I approached her about my beautiful mum requiring help to stay in her home. I am extremely grateful for the care and commitment to our request and would thoroughly recommend Coral and her team's expertise."

Madonna, Brisbane

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