Read, listen and watch the testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

I now feel confident...

"I have a parent with an approved home care package but was stuck trying to figure out the best way forward. Who to work with, best way to utilise the funding and other concerns. Coral was super helpful in every way. I now feel confident in making sure I’m making the most out of my parents funding."

Tania Wilson



A very caring and friendly team...

" I wouldn't have achieved what I was able to without See Me Aged Care Navigators helping me understand how the aged care system works. Assisting me to get a package upgrade and understand what I can use my funding for has made things much easier for me at home. A very caring and friendly team, Michelle and Coral, I am grateful for your support."

Aida Wilkinson

( Home Care Recipient)


Having someone who has the knowledge... is invaluable

" The compassion, understanding & support I received from Coral was above & beyond what I expected. My aged care system is complex & daunting. Having someone who has the knowledge and is willing to advocate for you, on this journey is invaluable."

Vicki Shearman

( Aged Care Recipient)


As a large family group and scattered all over the world we wanted to get the best advice regarding our ageing Mum's care so we enlisted the help of Coral Wilkinson after reading her excellent book. We could not be happier with the help, guidance and advice we were given and we strongly recommend her services to anyone wishing for the best outcomes for their ageing parent/friend.

Chris Kirkpatrick

Working with See Me Aged Care Navigators meant we were not only seen, but also heard.  Coral and her team guided us through the maize that is Australia’s aged care system.  She empowered us with the right information and connected us to the right services.  We would not have got there without her professionalism and care.  Thank you, Coral and team.  We felt safe and secure in your hands.  See Me Aged Care Navigators has our highest recommendation.

Brenda Masutti

Coral and her team are so attentive and motivated...

"... to bring the absolute best guidance and support to their clients. Coral has such a warmth to her and combined with her knowledge of aged care, she provides a space where you feel supported to resource the best possible care for your family member!"

Louise Williams  



I can't recommend her highly enough!

"Can't thank Coral enough for her assistance! In my case her knowledge, experience and above all, her care and genuine interest has been an invaluable asset. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Tanya Moran 

( Aged Care Recipient)


Coral has a rare gift...

" Coral did a perfect assessment of my husband’s needs and condition so that he is able to stay in our home for as long as possible. Coral has a rare gift to understand the aging person's situation and at the same time she has an incredible knowledge what programs are available and how to attain them as quick as possible. I highly recommend Coral for all age care solutions."

Erika Schuele  

( Partner)


Coral has helped our family navigate the My Aged Care process for my mum and dad. My mother became very ill quickly and as carer of my father it was a very stressful time trying to organise services and access funding.

Coral helped us every step of the way, providing advice and recommendations with such kindness and patience. Her expertise and knowledge of the industry was such an asset in organising everything and made the process smooth and took a load of stress off our family. Coral provided thorough assessments and reports for my parents which were submitted to Aged Care and kept us informed of the process along the way.

I cannot speak highly enough of Coral and definitely recommend her services when trying to navigate the aged care sector.

HoneyBadger X  

I was at a loss when considering my husband's assigned Level 3 Home Care Package. I was already exhausted caring for husband at home with Alzheimer’s. The emotional and physical drain as a carer left me overwhelmed, and I found it difficult navigating the endless sources of information.

Then someone suggested to call Coral and book a consultation. It was the best decision I have made at this part of my darling husband's journey.

Coral simplified the HCP process by listening to my concerns, and giving me options in an easy conversation which put me at ease. I have since put the wheels in motion with a reliable provider who will help me to self manage the package.

Coral's extensive knowledge of the aged care minefield and her genuine empathy are exactly what I needed. I can't recommend Coral highly enough! Thank you so much Coral x

Lillian Lyon