Understanding Australia's aged care system to support older loved ones at home

The much anticipated and highly regarded book by the founder of See Me Aged Care Navigators is here!

This essential guide to understanding Australia's aged care system to support older loved ones at home will show you how to have a compassionate discussion with your loved one about accepting support.

It will also prepare you for that important first contact with My Aged Care, explain the different assessment teams and how to prepare for an assessment.

My Parents Are Ageing, What The Heck Do I Do? will show you how to choose a Home Care Package provider, teach you how to access increased support as your loved one's health declines and prepare you for the coming aged care reforms regarding in-home care.

...and so much more!

Hi, I'm Coral Wilkinson. It's great to see you!

Drawing on 30 years of experience in health and aged care, including 9 years being an assessor with the Aged Care Assessment Team, Coral is regarded as the ‘go to’ person for aged care navigation.

A passionate advocate for empowering users of the aged care system with the right knowledge and ‘know how’ Coral uses her experience of supporting her own parents at home, to show people what’s possible.

 Subject matter expert for SBS Insight program, the episode Caring for Ageing Parents, blogger and speaker, Coral describes her purpose as enabling clarity and confidence for users of Australia’s aged care system.

I’m your aged care navigator, your human compass for Australia’s aged care system and I’ll show you how to enable your older loved ones access the right government programs to support them at home.

Specifically, my book will:

  • Show you how to have a compassionate discussion with your loved one about accepting support
  • Prepare you for that important first contact with My Aged Care
  • Explain the different assessment teams and how to prepare for an assessment
  • Show you how to choose a Home Care Package provider
  • Teach you how to access increased support as your loved one’s health declines
  • Prepare you for the coming aged care reforms regarding in-home care


what people say

It's fantastic


Coral, it's fantastic. It addresses so many important issues and I was in tears at the end reading about your Dad. I finished work at 6pm and started reading then and I couldn't put it down. We need to get it in the hands of Anika Wells. I will be telling everyone about it.

Congratulations on a huge achievement."

Katie Packer, Brisbane.

Physiotherapist, CSIRO researcher and former ACAT assessor.

An invaluable guide

My Parents Are Ageing book
“Packed full of helpful real-life examples, My Parents Are Ageing, What The Heck Do I Do? provides comprehensive advice, written in plain English, about how best to navigate the complex aged-care system."

Dr Kailas Roberts, Brisbane.

Psychiatrist, Dementia Expert and author of Mind Your Brain.

This book is a must read


"Coral Wilkinson is a fierce advocate for the older person. She understands the importance of wanting to remain living at home as we age.

Coral draws on her extensive professional and personal experiences and gives us an honest, informed insight into the complexities of Australia's aged care system.

This book is a must read, a guide and compass for those older people and their loved ones considering accessing support at home and those who are already navigating through the current system.

Congratulations Coral!

This book will be an invaluable tool for so many people."

Janine Mason, Palmwoods.

Registered Nurse, Aged Care Navigator and former ACAT assessor.

Tracy Sheen


If you or someone you know is navigating the aged care sector for family and loved ones you simply must get your hands on a copy of Coral's book.

Coral has helped me a lot over the last few years navigate the pathway for elderly family members, and her advice not only saved us (literally) thousands of dollars but also helped us keep our sanity while dealing with Gov Departments!
Bravo Coral, an amazing achievement. x"

Daughter of ageing parents, IT guru and author.

When a nurse in the know writes a book, you probably should read it.

“There's a lot of experience, knowledge and acquired practical wisdom in this book."

Clinical Nurse Consultant and Educator in mental health nursing.

Paul McNamara


More Reviews

Well written and highly informative


Coral Wilkinson has distilled all the knowledge and wisdom she has gained in her years of experience down to this well written, easy to navigate and highly informative book."

Martin Dumbrell, Sydney.

Learning and Development specialist and son with ageing mum.

This book will save you hours of grief and frustration.


"Coral has done a brilliant job of unravelling My Aged Care and how you progress through the system with many real-life examples including those from her own family.

This book will save you hours of grief, frustration and getting nowhere if you are just getting starting on your family's journey with My Aged Care."

Laurie Coyne, Cairns.

Former Orthodontist and carer for wife Heather

Such an Important Topic


“Well done Coral Wilkinson, on your amazing new book. If you have ageing parents, this is a must read.
So many nuggets of gold in here to help you get funding and support to help you keep your parents ageing at home.
Well done Coral, such an important topic that's really overwhelming to navigate."

Bree James, Cairns.

Businesswoman, publisher, author and mum.


My Parents Are Ageing What The Heck Do I Do?

Australia’s aged-care system is complex and confusing. The word that is repeatedly used to describe this system by the people using it is ‘minefield’.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?
But it doesn’t have to be.

This book has been written for older Australians who want to live in their own homes for as long as possible, and specifically to help their families and carers support them in doing so. This book will reduce the confusion, alleviate the stress and diffuse the over- whelm, by enabling you and your older loved one to engage with the system using the language and knowledge of an expert.

I’ve drawn upon my 18 years of extensive experience in older persons’ care in the context of Australia’s aged-care system to offer you an induction into how the system works and how to achieve the outcomes needed to support your older loved one in receiving the in-home services they need, now.

The Contents

  • PART I:
    Getting started: understanding My Aged Care
  • PART II:
    Receiving entry-level support
    Receiving coordinated home support
  • PART IV:
    What else do you need to know?

  • PART V:
    The 2023 aged-care reforms and what they mean for you

What they say


“A fabulous and informative overview to assist someone navigating the Aged Care System.

It makes sense of the various funding and services available so that you can be aware, be prepared, make informed decisions and support your loved one at home."

Deborah Ford

"This book helps readers understand and navigate the confusing My Aged Care world.

The author goes through each aspect throughout and adds in personal anecdotes to add interest.

Very helpful."

Kate Fairley

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