Aged Care Compass

Don't know where or how to start?

Being prepared for your first contact with My Aged Care is essential to entering the system at the right level, being assessed by the right team and getting approvals for the full range of in-home aged care programs available.

Our Aged Care Compass service provides a detailed and compelling report that gives you the guidance you need to get the support you're entitled to.

We're right by your side, guiding, supporting and advocating for you and your loved ones.


How Does  Aged Care Compass Work

Who is it For?

This service is for people who are thinking about contacting My Aged Care, seeking services to support themselves or older loved ones at home.

Specifically, this service is designed for people who are time poor and who want an expert to get things sorted on their behalf.

The cost of this service is $2997

What's Included?

This is a very comprehensive service offering 15 hours of support over 3 months.

We spend significant time getting to know our clients and their situation, gathering information, writing a report and making a strong referral to My Aged Care.

We then follow up to ensure you know what to expect next.

Do you come to my home?

If we have an aged care navigator in your local area, we'll come to your home, but our model is one of telehealth, so we can reach people all over Australia.

Consultations completed over a video call still elicit the same excellent results.

What can I be approved for?

We position you to be approved for all the in-home aged care programs.

These included Short- Term Restorative Care and Home Care Packages as well as any 'top up' services.

How long will you support me?

Being assessed and receiving services takes some time. We support you over a 3 month period, which is the time it usually takes to get into the through the system.

We follow up with you to make sure you're prepared for 'what happens next' and what to do if your situation changes.

How do I get started?

We want to make sure you understand how this service can support you to get the outcomes you need, so we suggest speaking with us first.

You can call us on 0432 995776 or complete our contact form.

We want to make sure you understand if this service is right for you.

Tell us more and we can guide you

“Coral is amazing! She and her team at See Me Aged Care have not only guided us through the process but thoroughly explained how STRC and the Home Care Packages work and enabled us to get packages for both Mum and Dad.

Coral is thorough with a wealth of knowledge in this area and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, as well as being very understanding and empathetic

I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Yvette Reghenzani

“Working with See Me Aged Care Navigators meant we were not only seen, but also heard.

Coral and her team guided us through the maze that is Australia's aged care system.

She empowered us with the right information and connected us to the right services.

We would not have got there without her professionalism and care.

See Me Aged Care Navigators has our highest recommendation.”

Brenda Masutti

“We had the good fortune to receive advice to seek out Coral at See Me Aged Care Navigators during a course on being a carer for a parent with dementia.

We had been unsuccessfully trying to navigate the Aged Care system without much success.

Coral is amazing and her knowledge of the system has assisted us to gain an ACAT assessment and have since been approved for everything she flagged in her assessment.

I would highly recommend their service to assist with navigating the very complicated Aged Care system.” 

Skye Thomson

“Coral did a perfect assessment of my husband's needs and condition so that he is able to stay in our home for as long as possible.

Coral has a rare gift to understand the ageing person's situation and at the same time, she has an incredible knowledge of what programs are available and how to attain them as quick as possible.

I highly recommend Coral for all aged care solutions.” 

Erika Schuele

Frequently Asked Questions about Aged Care Compass

Do you do the ACAT Assessment?

No we don't do the ACAT assessment, but as former ACAT assessors, our consultations are just like an ACAT assessment, but so much more.

We use the same screening tools as the ACATs do and we speak the same language, so when the ACAT receive our report, they know exactly what your needs are.

What if I am not sure this service is for me?

It's not a problem if you're not sure.

We want you to be completely comfortable that this service is right for you, so we encourage you to call Michelle on 0432 995 776 or submit a query via the query text box above.

We're honest and caring, so we're not going to push you into a service that doesn't meet your needs.

How soon can I get a consultation with you?

It varies, we're usually booked up three weeks in advance, though sometimes it can be longer than that.

We have an onboarding process that takes about 2 weeks to complete, where we ask you to complete our Client Details and Consent form and we ask you to get a copy of yours or your older loved one's GP health summary, and it takes about 2 weeks for people to complete this phase.

What do I do with my report?

We use the report as the foundation for everything else that follows.

The report serves as the evidence for referral to My Aged Care and for the ACAT assessment, though the ACAT will do their own assessment too.

The report can be used for care planning for home care package providers and you can give your GP a copy too.

What if I only need cleaning?

Would it surprise you to know how many people call us and say "mum only needs some cleaning and someone to mow the yard."

There are many different programs and they offer different services.

We work with people who have more complex needs, so if you or your loved one truly only needs one or two basic services, we'll let you know and you'll be reassured you can refer yourself to My Aged Care for entry level services.

How much is this service?

This service is $2997.

This fee covers all our work, supporting you over the 3 month period that it usually takes to progress through the system.

We're with you every step of the way so you know what to expect and are prepared.