Let's Talk Consultation

Don't know where to start?

Don't know how to start?

Not sure what you need to know?

This is our introductory service that allows you to pick our brains.

It's a one hour phone or video call where you get to ask us any questions relating to your situation or your loved one's situation.

We're so good at what we do, that we'll know exactly what advice you'll need within the first few minutes of the call.


How Does  Let's Talk Consultation Work

Who is it For?

This service is for anyone seeking clarity about where they are in the system, what to do about any issues you are experiencing, understanding what else is available...anything you want to know really.

It's the ideal place to start.

What's Included?

Let's Talk is a one hour phone or video call.

We also give you our Road Map and Checklist to help you understand how the aged care system works.

What if I don't know what to ask?

Not a problem, we're very good at what we do and we'll be able to establish exactly where you are in the system and what you need to do, to get the in-home support you're entitled to.

How much does it cost?

This service is $297.

If you'd prefer to have a face to face consultation and we have a consultant in your area we may be able to travel, but travel time would be charged on top of this service.

How does this service work?

When you book and pay, we send you an email with all the details, including the link to the video call, if that's your preference.

This will be done within three business days.

How do I get started?

Click on the button below to book and pay for your consultation.

We're looking forward to meeting you and answering all your questions.

What people say about their Let's Talk Consultations


“What a relief to talk with someone who understands the very confusing Aged Care system and can translate it all into understandable language!

I have been struggling with knowing what to do and which are the right decisions for my parents (both in their 90s) with regards to Home Care Packages.

I can absolutely recommend Coral and the team and their support in lessening the stress around negotiating the Australian Aged Care system, Thank you Coral! Your advice has been invaluable.”

Janet, Townsville


“I was at a loss when considering my husband's assigned Level 3 Home Care Package.

I was already exhausted caring for my husband at home, with Alzheimer's.

The emotional and physical drain as a carer left me overwhelmed, and I found it difficult navigating the endless sources of information.

Then someone suggested to call Coral and book a consultation. It was the best decision I have made at this part of my darling husband's journey.”

Lillian, Melbourne


“I recommend Coral and her team at See Me Aged Care Navigators to assist in the complex world of Aged Care.

They have been professional, caring and with so much knowledge and expertise that has been invaluable.

Knowing that Coral is there if we need her as we navigate our way through the process is so helpful. Thank you Coral and your team.” 

Margaret, Cairns


“Just incredibly helpful. Especially with Home Care Packages, especially important because we have no family in Australia and because we have problems with modern communication devices.

Helped us understand things better.

We are very grateful for See Me Aged Care Navigators.”

Charles, Perth