June 11, 2024

How to prepare for assessments

Before having an assessment for in-home aged care services, take the time to reflect on the amount of support you or an older loved one needs on a daily or weekly basis. Any support, formal or informal, paid or free, is important to note.

Preparation is key to getting the level of support you or an older loved one needs. Having a list of all the support the older person gets gives a very complete picture of their situation.

Understand who the assessment teams are and what support programs each assessment team can approve for.

In this episode:

  • Does My Aged Care Assess?
  • What are the assessment teams looking for?
  • Who are the assessment teams?
  • What are the different programs of support?
  • How do you prepare for an assessment?
  • Can others offer input during the assessment?


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Are you supporting an older loved one at home and ready to give up because it’s just too hard? Your Aged Care Compass is aimed at anyone who is caring for an older loved one who still lives at home and is wondering what support is available to them.

We're Coral and Michelle, the sisters behind our business, See Me Aged Care Navigators.

Coral is a registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience in both health and aged care. A former assessor with the aged care assessment team, an advocate and author, there’s not much Coral doesn’t know about Australia’s aged care system.

Michelle is a former pharmacist with over 30 years in the public health and private sectors of pharmacy. Michelle is now client care manager for our business. 

Our story started as one of supporting our parents to remain in their own home, to be as independent as possible and remain connected to their community. We reached a point however, of needing extra support and we achieved this because we know Australia’s aged care system so well, we knew what programs could assist us and our parents.

This podcast, Your Aged Care Compass, brings together not only our personal experience in supporting our own ageing parents but also our vast professional experience in supporting other families to keep their loved ones at home. 

We will help you makes sense of Australia’s aged care system, from your first contact with My Aged Care through to the different funding streams and assessment workforces, management options for home care packages and extra funding that people might be eligible for.

There's so much more. Topics relating to dementia and legal and financial considerations will be covered, as well as real life stories of where it went wrong for people and how we guided them to get it right.

 Your Aged Care Compass will guide you clearly and compassionately to the right support at the right time for your ageing parents and loved ones. 

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